Artwork should never be made to “match the sofa”, and when it comes to interior design, art is often used to take center-stage. Interior designers know their way around the art scene, and most have a sizable library of art to show their clients ranging from local, national, to international artists. As we all know, real estate has been booming, leading to more and more homebuyers hiring out the talent of a designer’s eye.

Mark Jackson has spent time developing his process of contributing to design projects - finding the perfect balance of creating original, inspiring art partnered with uniquely commissioned design projects. He is always open to talking about commissions, but he takes his work seriously and plans to specifically create pieces that he would also want to keep himself.

This blue floral piece was a commission loved by all parties. Since the interior designers were based in Northwest Arkansas, they were able to bring their client to view Mark’s artwork in person. After they had a studio visit, the designers approached Mark with the measurements of the available wall space and noted their client’s tones and subject matters that interested them most. From there, Mark was able to prepare a private, virtual gallery of his own images for the client to choose from. The image was decided quickly and the production from start to finish was seamless. The client was so pleased to have a piece of art that was made specifically for them and their space.

Mark has created large scale commission art for homes across the states and loves collaborating with designers, galleries and home owners to create the perfect art piece. If you are interested in talking with Mark about possible commissions, feel free to reach out on our contact page. If you are based in the Bentonville/Fayetteville Arkansas area, we would be happy to schedule a meeting at the studio to give you a better feel for Mark Jackson’s art and inspiration behind his each piece he creates.