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From Paris with Love

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“I thought it would be interesting to send myself coconut cakes from Paris. A love letter to myself. I made these 3 layer cakes, sealed them permanently in plexiglass boxes, drove to Paris, Arkansas, and mailed them to myself exactly as is.”

The coconut cakes have been permanently sealed in airtight display cases and have been sealed for roughly 9 months so far. Mark is curious to see what they will look like 5 years from now - he suspects the sculptures might look perfectly the same.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 in | 25 x 25 x 25 cm

Materials: Plexiglass, resin, glass, 24 eggs, 4 cups of vegetable oil, 8 cups of water, 8 boxes of vanilla cake mix, 6 containers of vanilla icing, 2 bags of coconut flakes.


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Each original is built with an integrated french cleat for secure hanging, all that is needed is a level and screws. For larger works, we recommend locating at least one stud to maximize support.

If you are located in Northwest Arkansas and would like assistance installing the art, reach out to, we are happy to assist with this.

Originals are made with an integrated french cleat with a 2" cradled panel, ready to hang as-is. No extra framing is required.

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